Recon Pack Bag
Recon Pack Bag
Recon Pack Bag
Recon Pack Bag

Recon Pack Bag


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Developed by Special Forces for Over The Beach insertions.

The Recon Pack Bag does what the name says; it gives you the possibility to load your large recon pack into a huge watertight, airtight and dustproof container.


The Pack Bag is the largest bag Halite makes – it's a huge airtight container that will swallow up a large rucksack, H-gear, and other items. Perfect for OTB insertions with large amounts of gear and large packs. Can be used for shipboard containment for large items that must stay dry. Designed for the toughest environments the Recon Pack Bag uses 840D double TPU fabric throughout. The long waterproof main zipper offers full immersion protection and gives easy access to the full compartment for loading and unloading.

Weight: Approx. 2400 g
Dimensions: L100 x W70 x H50 cm
Precise volume: Approx. 290 L

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