Our mission


The mission from the start, in 2006, was to build better and more secure solutions for people traveling in wet or sandy elements. Those days the brand was called Piteraq Hardware. When we wanted to take the products and development to the next stage we also thought the products needed a fresh start. A new brand name was born.

Working in-house with personnel from leading special operations forces, outdoor and expedition specialists, we have been quietly supplying bags designed for everything from Maritime Operations to expeditions in arctic waters and climbing in the Himalayas. 

Our products have uncompromised functionality, the very best components and are built to be used in the harshest environments.


Development and Special projects

Our development group consist of ex-military with special operation background and designers/developers with outdoor, climbing and expedition expertise.

The Halite Development groups main goal is too develop, sample and produce custom products, tailored after the customers needs and wishes.

Halite can either function as a pure consultant on the different development stages or run the product from idea and design to mass production.