Never without my Carapace

Carapace laptop protection
This is our approach to protect your electronics. At sea or land, The Carapace will protect your laptop, Ipad and other electronics agains water, moist, sand, dust, immersion and hard impacts. The Carapace is totally waterproof and airtight and features a removable padded insert for extra protection.
Carapace side view
We use not only the best materials and coating available, we use TiZips airtight MasterSeal #6 zipper with a sealing strength of 200 mbar. Everything is RF-welded into place for the most robust, waterproof and durable construction.

Oral valve is not included as this will prevent The Carapace from sliding smoothly in and out of you pack, but a quick burst of air through the zipper opening will give you extra buoyancy as well as protection against hard impacts. The padded liner is easy to remove and attach with velcro inserts.


Big Carapace with drops of water


The Carapace will be available in different colors, who knows, maybe Multicam as well. We use material wastage from our bag and back pack production to minimise wastage and securing our quality demands.



On final production we have added a small pull and carry handle on the top, making it easy to grip inside you pack.

We will start production in a couple of weeks if we are lucky so please stay tuned for delivery updates. If you have any question we are happy to answer any inquiry regarding The Carapace.

Halite team