Insert pocket set

Insert pocket set

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Halite's Insert Pocket Set – the essential companion for your Halite backpacks. This set amplifies your backpack's organizational prowess, ensuring your essentials are always neatly stored and easily accessible.

Included in each set:

One Laptop Sleeve: Safeguard your laptop in style with the dedicated laptop sleeve, providing a snug and secure fit for your device

One Large Pocket(25cm*11cm *10cm): From documents to clothing, the large pocket offers generous space for your larger essentials, keeping them tidy and readily available.

Two Small Pockets (19cm*10cm*6cm): Keep your smaller accessories in order with two convenient small pockets, perfect for keys, pens, or other compact items

One Large Pod(25cm*11cm *10cm): Versatile and spacious, the large pod accommodates bulkier items such as electronics that need extra protection.

Two Small Pods(19cm*10cm*6cm): Additional small pods offer versatile storage options for your smaller gear, providing efficient organization within your backpack.

One Tool Roll: The tool roll insert is a versatile and rugged organizer designed to securely hold tools, utensils, or similar items, ensuring quick access and systematic order.

Two Exterior Webbing Bands: Need quick access to your gear? The two exterior webbing bands offer convenient attachment points for items like skies or poles, ensuring you're always prepared.

Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, Halite's Interior Pocket Set optimizes your backpack's interior space, transforming it into a well-organized hub for your belongings. Elevate your backpack experience with Halite today and streamline your adventures with effortless organization.