Mission completed : Veterans over the Ice


 As a company with Veterans as founding partners and employees we are proud to support the "Veteraner over isen" ( translated. Veterans over the ice ) expedition. The main focus of this expedition is the highlight veterans as a unique social resource and to collect funds for measures targeted to our veterans.
Several thousands Norwegian women and men have participated in international operations around the world on behalf of Norway. Most people return home, but some don´t, Either by the ultimat sacrifice or by carrying experiences most people can´t imagine.
These heros have put their lives on hold to contribute and deserve to be honered, supported and recognised as a unique resource to society.
The Route - In Nansen´s footsteps 1888-89


The expedition is now finished with success. All team members are home safe and will go down as some of the few people to repeat Nansens Route. 


They were pretty lucky with good conditions with temperature variations from + 10 to -20+ C. One of the expedition leaders Christian tells us that they had a really good experience with the Halite Overbag. As promised the moist was either in the overbag or in between the the two bags, making it super easy to "freeze dry" or dry up.



The Veterans over the ice project raised a lot of awareness and money to help Veterans in Norway and was issued medals for their work when they arrived home safely.



One of the special experiences with this route is that it finishes in Austmannadalen were they leave their skies and sleds and carry on by foot and backpack.



It´s a pure coast to coast expedition that few people have done before them. We congratulate and celebrate their home coming!!